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About us

Skara Rama 5 – you might be thinking ‘what does that even mean?!?’ 

And how will authentic Thai food and European Grill work together in the same restaurant? 

The answer to that is — sensationally! ‘Skara’ means ‘grill’ in Macedonian and ‘Rama 5’ is named for Thailand’s beloved King Rama V who changed Thailand for the better and is seen as a symbol of prosperity and success for Thai people. 

Macedonian (or Balkan) Grill uses beautiful marinades and cheeses to flavour the meat and seafood before cooking on the grill which brings a deep, layered, flavour to the food — similar to different types of BBQ the world over. And our kitchen also serves all your Thai favourites — made with fresh, quality ingredients and an extra-large serve of passion. 

Enjoy a classic dish or tempt your tastebuds with something different in our cozy restaurant. 
You won’t be disappointed. 

Skara Rama 5 is the only restaurant in Sydney bringing this unique combination of cultures
together — so you will find something on the menu for everyone.

We’re serving the best food in Canley Vale – give it a go!


SR5 team

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Mocktails / Fruit Juice & Shake / Delicious Desserts @Skararama5

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